Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I play underwater rugby?

If you live outside Australia, check here to find your nearest team. The UNSW team is the first Underwater Rugby team in Australia, nowadays, there is at least one team playing in each states of Australia(whereas we are looking forward to see one Northern Territory). Since 2006, the UNSW Underwater Rugby team has met regularly in Sydney, Australia for training sessions and competitions (see maps below). Contact us for if you live in any of these cities or other locations in Australia and would like to give it a go.

Who can play?

We play UWR socially, mixing everyone from beginners to former world cup players, girls and guys. For the more competitive, we’ve got regular competitions for all levels.

Competitors take a spa after the Ocean Hunter Trans-Tasman Cup, Sydney Olympic Park.

Who organises underwater rugby?

Underwater Rugby in Sydney is run through the UNSW Underwater Rugby club.  Membership is open to anyone, its $12 for regular members, and $12/$6 for UNSW students (non-Arc/Arc members). You can contact us or come along to one of our pool sessions first.

How much does it cost to play?

Underwater rugby is one of the best value sports around. And your first session is totally free.  After that, Wednesday night trainings are $6($12 for non-Arc members), and deep pool sessions are $12.  You can also pay for a block of trainings – usually on a monthly basis – the price of which varies depending on the number of sessions included, but which will always save you money on the casual rates.  Sometimes we also run beginners’ courses with special pricing.  Current details can be found on our facebook page.

What should I bring?

Bring your swimmers, towel, and water bottle.  If you have a snorkel, mask, and fins, bring them along as well, as gear that fits you well is best.  If you don’t, no problem, the club has gear to borrow. Guys mostly play in budgy smugglers but boardies are also fine. Girls should wear a one-piece swimsuit or secure bikini.

Is it a rough sport?

Although underwater rugby is a contact sport, the water is an excellent cushion for impact so it is difficult to get injured. We wear waterpolo caps with ear protectors to prevent burst ear drums. Underwater rugby rules prioritise safety so we make sure we stick to the rules and teach players how to tackle effectively and safely.