Pool sessions

Training times are on Wednesday evenings at UNSW, and usually on Sundays in the deep pool at Ashfield or Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush, and sometimes in the ocean at Clovelly or Gordons Bay.  If you want any info on training sessions just get in touch (see contact us).

Wednesdays at UNSW

Wednesday sessions are in a shallower pool (2m), its great for regular training and an easy introduction for beginners.  Arrive at 8pm, just tell the people at the desk you’re here for underwater rugby, and have a look for us by the pool.  Pool time is from 8:30-9:30.

Sunday deep pool sessions

The real game takes place in a deeper pool, with a lot more room to move around in & enjoy a bit of space and depth.  Ashfield is 3.8m deep and has walls on 3 sides, perfect for playing proper games and good training sessions.  Homebush is a 5m pool, allowing good quality deep games, its indoors & is perfect in the colder months.  (beginners welcome as well).  Check the calendar or the facebook group for details.


Ocean games

There’s nothing like jumping in the ocean on a sunny summer afternoon and playing some UWR with schools of fish around.  Water temperatures are around 22 degrees in summer so you can play in a swimsuit, or a light wetsuit if you feel like it.  Ocean sessions are irregular, but you can find out about it or encourage ppl to run one with the facebook group.

Where are the pools located?

We train at the UNSW Sport and Recreation Centre, located on the corner of Anzac Parade and High Street, Kensington on Wednesday evenings (see our calendar).

We also regularly play at the Ashfield Aquatic Centre in the inner west, on Sundays (see our calendar). This pool is 30 minutes from anywhere and well worth checking out!

We sometimes play at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre near Homebush:

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