UWR Equipment

Want to play with us? Good! Underwater rugby requires a set of equipment that would allow us to play under the 5 meters pool with fun and safe. Below is the list of equipment that would help you to get started.

If you are not sure which one to buy? You are always welcome to ask any of us. We also have a list of recommendations from our lovely members that may help you start off with.


A good mask has the following qualities:
  1. A Good and comfortable Fit – To test this on land, press the mask against your face. When you release your hands, a good mask should remain suctioned to your face. In the water, leakage should not occur.
  2. Shallow Volume – Allows high maneuverability in the water as mask stays closer to your face. A few good masks are Cressi Supperocchio, Cressi Big Eyes, Omer Abyss, Technisub Sphera, Micromask etc.

If you are buying a new mask, Do not hesitate to approach one of our team mates to try ours. A good mask fit is equivalent to a good investment and it will last you many years!

Non-elastic mask straps with a spine prevent shifting of masks and water from flooding your mask if it is knocked during a game.  The club or individual players sometimes have some for sale, otherwise CanAm (link below) is a good source.
Superocchio mask and mask strap setup


Most scuba diving and snorkelling snorkels have a valve at the bottom for purging out water (purge-valve snorkel). However, this increases breathing resistance. An underwater rugby snorkel should ideally just be a rubber or sillicone J-type snorkel.

J-type snorkel has no purge valve at its base and usually has a wider bore to allow easier breathing.It has a simple tube construction and is more durable than a purge-valve snorkel. Some examples of J-type snorkels are Cressi Corsica, Cressi America, Jumbo II snorkel, etc.

An underwater rugby snorkel should be a single pipe with no valve.


Fins should have closed heels and no holes or gaps where fingers could get caught. Sharp edges on fins may also cut other players in-game. Bodyboarding and split fins are not advised. Fins should be made out of plastic or rubber.

A good fit of fins will be necessary to allow maximum comfort in game or during diving purposes. If purchased fins are slightly larger, fin keepers can be worn to hold fins in place. Alternatively, dive socks can also be used. A reasonable length for fins (from base to tip) is about 55cm-70cm. Some recommended fins are Mares Quattros, Mares Avanti Tre, Technisub, etc.

Make sure your fins aren’t split, have closed heals and are sufficiently long.


Waterpolo-style caps are essential to prevent ear damage and to recognise your team mates. You need a blue and a white pair ($50 for two), however we do have some available for use in training.



UWR balls are rubber and filled with saltwater.  They come in mens and womens sizes, and in red or black/white. You can order empty or filled balls from specialty stores in Europe. Balls can be filled using a regular football pump.


We use custom made stainless steel goals. Goals can be purchased from specialty stores or custom made in Australia.


We like to use good-looking and quality chlorine-resistant swimwear. Our team’s cosies were custom made in a Black one and a White one. So that in our deep pool sessions, we can have one Black team and one White team competing each other.

We also do a bulk order once a year if you are interested in getting some. Let us know if you would like a pair.


Recommended Equipment suppliers

Thinking to buy one for your next session? Good! We have some good suggestions where you may buy your equipment as below:

Can Am

Ocean Hunter (NZ)

If you are still confused on which to buy. Our team also have some suggestions on the equipment and we’ve summarised into a document in here.
Enjoy your training!