UWR Training and Tutorials

Underwater rugby is not a game just for the big and strong, it is a game suitable for every one. We have designed a training manual and we will produce a few training videos to help you gain confidence, level up in your personal skill level, and build up individual strength.

This is how we do it

UWR Training Manual

In this section, you will also be able to find videos which will help you to improve your skills in various aspects of UWR.

Powerpoint Training

Want to know how to defend, recover the ball then attack? Check out this motion picture Powerpoint extravaganza put together by Javier.

Training Presentation by Javier

More presentations from Master Javier:

Free throws in UWR
What to do in case of penalty in UWR
Check out these exercises if you want to become a champion

Video Training

Disclaimer: Whatever training you embark on, please do it in a buddy system and training results will vary. Also, if care is not taken, one may result in injury. Hence, do these trainings at your own discretion and at your own risk. Otherwise, have fun! 🙂

-Training and Development Team


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